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SERVICES > Embroidery and serigraphy


  • Embroidery on clothing and accessories (for embroidered business gifts, articles and crests)
  • Personalized embroidery service

Embroidery gives an unmatched finish and is stronger and more durable than silk-screening. The cost is based on the surface area to be embroidered (number of stitches).

 Our graphic design service can create a logo that promotes you. We also turn logos that you supply into a matrix for embroidery. Since all the stages of embroidery production are done in-house, we can make certain last-minute modifications quickly while monitoring the quality of our products.

 We also have a vast choice of designs and motifs (over 160,000) available for small or large quantities. Put your logo on your corporate clothing and promotional articles and get noticed!


  • Silk-screening on textiles (cotton, nylon, polyester...)
  • Personalized silk-screening service
Silk-screening uses the stencil principle. The cost depends on the number of colours to be printed, the quantity and the complexity of the image. Silk-screening uses a heavy deposit of ink, providing long-lasting, intense colour and good opaqueness. However, it is difficult to print one-off images on clothing. Small print runs do not sufficiently justify the technical costs of printing. For one-off printing, we advise you to use transfers, which cost less but give a similar result to silk-screening. 

As with embroidery, our graphic design service can create a logo or image to suit you.

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